VIDA Homeowners Association

All single family homes in VIDA will be members of the VIDA Homeowners Association. The VIDA HOA manager ensures the community common areas are well maintained and is available to answer your questions about the community or your association. These are just a few of the benefits of being a part of the VIDA Homeowners Association.

The Benefits of an HOA

Access to Amenities

HOA members have access to current (trails in the Madla Greenway, community parks) and future (pool, clubhouse, etc. ) amenities in the community. These facilities are maintained by the HOA for owners use and enjoyment. Once the community sells out, the amenities become the property of the HOA, meaning owners own and control these community amenities, adding more value to your home.

Homeowners Events

Events held specifically for owners throughout the year.

Consistency, Protecting Property Values from Delinquent Neighbors

All properties in the HOA are required to be maintained to a certain standard, and the HOA Manager ensures maintenance is consistent.


VIDA is San Antonio’s first gig-speed community.This means members of the HOA enjoy the fastest internet in town, at a price that’s lower than any other community would be charged. VIDA’s internet is solar powered (remains connected during power outages) and is private to avoid signal dilution during high-use periods. While residents do not have to use this service, it is provided to every home in VIDA and charged to each HOA property.

Services Provided by the HOA Manager

  • Common area maintenance – entrances, community parks, trails and amenities are operated by the HOA.
  • Compliance – the HOA manager ensures that residents are maintaining their homes to the HOA regulations.

HOA Manager

The Neighborhood Company

Homeowner's Hub

Frequently Asked Questions

A Homeowners Association (HOA) is responsible for the ongoing maintenance, improvement, preservation and administration of VIDA’s amenities and common areas, as well as the enforcement of the community’s Design Guidelines and Master Covenant.

The VIDA HOA is guided by a board of directors, with regular input from residents. Over time, as the community grows, the board will transition to being fully comprised of residents.

Single family homeowners, townhome and duplex owners in the VIDA community are all members of the VIDA Homeowners Association.

You cannot opt-out of the HOA.

People renting in VIDA are not voting members of the VIDA HOA, but may have access to certain amenities if provided by the property owner.

If you live in a duplex or townhome, there may be a sub association to maintain fences, lawns or common parts of the building.

The HOA is governed by the Master Covenant, which includes the Development Area Declaration, Design Guidelines and other key formation documents. All will be located in your Owners Portal.

  • Pay on time – late fees add up
  • Avoid Violation Fees – if violations are not corrected, you are subject to penalty fees that are paid to the HOA
  • Protect Your Neighborhood – if you see people damaging or throwing trash in the community, the HOA managers clean that up, and charge the HOA – if you see someone dumping trash or damaging a community area, say something – that’s your money they’re spending.
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