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Palo Alto College: Best Study Spots on Campus

Posted by Camila Marr on Oct 18, 2021 5:09:07 PM

Adjacent to VIDA, Palo Alto College offers plenty of study and work spaces to mix things up in your school or work week. Whether you are a student looking for a quiet place to study or want to take advantage of Palo Alto College’s many public spaces to finish some remote work, there are plenty of great work and study spots on campus. As a public college, the main campus is open to all members of the community, including those who will soon live at VIDA. You can also purchase memberships for access to the pool, library rentals, or to reserve equipment on campus. Explore the following study and work spots for community members:

pac-ozuna-2-350x250(Image Credit: Alamo Colleges)

1. Ozuna Library—It may seem obvious, but Palo Alto College’s Ozuna library is one of the best places to study on campus. Located on the second floor of the Ozuna Building, the library features numerous quiet study spots in secluded corners and partitioned areas, each equipped with charging ports so you can easily find a quiet place to work no matter your electronic needs. One side of the library is a designated quiet zone for students and visitors to work in, while the other side is perfect for grouping up with your study mates.

2. Student Center Cafeteria—Located in the Student Center, Palo Alto College’s main cafeteria is large enough for students to eat and study with ease. The cafeteria does have full meal service, but also boasts plenty of vending machines for non-students and others on the go. Even if you’re not eating, a substantial portion of the site is dedicated to giving students and visitors a place to sit down and study. Unlike the library, the cafeteria does tend to get busy during mealtimes, but the advantage is that you have the option to freely discuss your work with friends and coworkers or find a remote corner to study alone.

pac-perf-617x347(Image Credit: Alamo Colleges)

3. Performing Arts Center—Palo Alto College’s Performing Arts Center (PAC) is another hub students highlight as a favorite study spot. While the auditoriums are mostly off-limits even when performances are not taking place, the halls and walkways are lined with cozy spots to sit and study. If there are no scheduled performances or new student orientation sessions, the PAC can get as quiet as the Ozuna library with the benefit of having more space. You can easily find wall outlets and comfortable seating without much effort.


(Image Credit: Alamo Colleges)

4. Campus Outdoor Spaces—Finally, don’t forget the various on-campus parks and courtyards found around Palo Alto’s school grounds. These aren’t as popular in the heat of the late spring, summer, and early fall, but during the late fall and early spring semesters you can easily find a place to study without being bothered. If you need internet access, the central courtyard is close enough to buildings for the school Wi-Fi to reach without needing data. If you don’t need internet access, the botanical garden outside of the PAC or Palomino Park are both lined with benches which also serve as great study spots on cooler days.

Whether you’re planning to attend Palo Alto or simply want a fresh workspace in San Antonio, the VIDA community is close to everything you need! The community has a current plan to bring hundreds of new jobs into a commercial area of over one-million square acres, along with apartments and living spaces with direct access to the Palo Alto and A&M campuses. Stay tuned for more information about these exciting opportunities to live and work in a vibrant San Antonio community, VIDA.

PAC Palomino

(Image Credit: Alamo Colleges)

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