Perry Homes, Highland Homes, & Lennar Homes at VIDA San Antonio Bring 2024 Home Design Trends to Life

Perry Homes Model Home at VIDA, A Contemporary, Single Floor Model Home against a blue sky with green grass in the front yard

Perry Homes Model Home at 10031 Mitra Way

Trends in home design are ever-changing, but the new year is the perfect time to reflect on the latest styles and options.  2024 is welcoming a blend of modern aesthetics and timeless elements with practical functionality.

To see many of these trends in action, VIDA San Antonio is bringing many of these desired new features to San Antonio’s Southside with the area’s top builders, including Perry Homes San Antonio, Highland Homes San Antonio, and Lennar Homes San Antonio.

Below are eight new trends you’ll see more of in new homes in San Antonio in 2024. 

1) Herringbone Patterns

Herringbone is a timeless versatile pattern made up of interlocking rectangles of the same size, typically in two shades. The rectangles are essentially stacked end-to-end, but with each one turned at a 90-degree angle from the previous, resulting in a zig-zag shape. Layers of these zig-zags are then stacked atop one another to create the herringbone effect. It is a beautiful look when used with natural wood elements, such as in floors, but herringbone also serves well in tile installation projects in kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms.

2) Unique Kitchen Backsplashes

The kitchen is the heart of the home in so many ways, and in 2024, the modern kitchen is defined by blended material construction. The most prominent example of this is the emergence of natural stone and quartz backsplashes to create a striking but functional focal point that offers both natural elegance and easy maintenance.

Kitchen - Highland Homes: The Gallery Series at VIDA San Antonio

Highland Homes: The Gallery Series at VIDA San Antonio

3) The Hybrid Mud-Laundry Room

New homes in San Antonio are designed to maximize every square inch. Merging convenience and functionality, the trend of combining laundry rooms with mudrooms or breezeways has been gaining traction to create one seamless space.The larger space delivers big on storage, convenience and smart use of space.

Neutral living room with pops of blue

A modern Lennar Homes living room with pops of blue

4) Warm Neutrals and Soft Blues

In 2024, design trends are shifting away from cool grays to embrace creamy off-whites and subtle blues. The use of various blue shades is a key trend, adding sophistication and tranquility to spaces without overwhelming them. Designers appreciate the versatility of these blues, using them sparingly to make elements “pop” or to complement the color of dishes, window treatments, or furniture.

A neutral foyer

Perry Homes mixes dark woods and warm tones at the VIDA model home

5) Handmade Features

In 2024, there’s a growing trend of challenging hyper-consumerism by favoring handmade products over mass-produced ones. Homeowners and builders are opting for timeless styles featuring handcrafted materials like brick, DIY clay tiles, and rustic wood elements. Whether it’s a small commemorative tile or a fully customized bathroom vanity, incorporating unique, handmade features into homes allows for personalization and a departure from the mass market.

6) Innovative Storage Solutions (The Appliance Garage)

In a world filled with various kitchen gadgets, the vintage idea of the “appliance garage” is making a comeback. This concept typically resembles an oversized kitchen cabinet, serving as a hidden space for appliances like microwaves and toasters. Some are wired, allowing appliances to stay in place, while others function as storage cabinets. The appliance garage offers a solution to conceal mismatched kitchen tools without compromising access, organization, or functionality.

7) Eco-Friendly Materials

One easy and cost-effective way to protect the environment is to be thoughtful about the materials involved in the construction of your new home. A focus on regionally sourced, environmentally sustainable, and repurposed building materials has moved out of its niche and has now reached new heights of popularity.

Highland Home backyard

Highland Homes at VIDA Model

8) Elevated Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor living spaces are moving beyond simple backyard patios to include raised areas like second-floor decks, balconies, or even rooftop lounges, depending on the design of the home. The key is extending your living spaces outside in covered finished spaces that are perfect for entertaining or a quiet space to relax. 

VIDA – Your Home on San Antonio’s Southside

To see some of today’s cutting-edge building trends in action, use the interactive map to view available homes. VIDA has San Antonio’s most reputable builders, including Perry Homes, Highland Homes, and Lennar Homes, to give VIDA homeowners a variety of unique options and layouts to meet their living needs.

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