Southside Makers & Shakers: Brenda Anz

San Antonio’s Southside is home to a very special community of creators, hard workers, and people that inspire—many of whom are leaders across the Alamo city. Our Southside Makers and Shakers blog series celebrates Southsiders making their mark. Each addition to the series offers new insight into the community and the gente that make the Southside so unique.

In this blog, we interview the founder of Saving Our Way, Women Unlimited SA, and Women Unlimited International, Brenda Anz—also known as San Antonio’s Coupon Queen.

Brenda Anz poses for a photo with women from Women Unlimited SA

Tell us about yourself, the organizations you’ve founded, and the work that you do.

I am Brenda Anz, widely recognized as San Antonio’s Coupon Queen and a dynamic entrepreneur passionately committed to empowering women as the founder of Women Unlimited SA and Women Unlimited International. As the founder of Saving Our Way and Women Unlimited SA and Women Unlimited International, I have made significant contributions to both helping people save money and uplifting women in their entrepreneurial journey.

Starting my own journey with a passion to save money for my family, I quickly learned the art of couponing and decided I wanted to help as many people as I could by teaching coupon saving strategies to the San Antonio community. Since starting my courses, I quickly became a leading figure in the couponing community. I have been couponing for 13 years and teaching for 10 years.

Recognizing that many of the women I was helping were small businesses and entrepreneurs, I noticed a need for support and connection. Thus, Women Unlimited was born. I am deeply committed to empowering women through Women Unlimited SA. I built Women Unlimited, based on the principle of accessibility and inclusivity and valuable resources to support women in their entrepreneurial journey.

What inspired you to become a leader on San Antonio’s Southside, and what keeps you motivated to continue your work?

My inspiration to become a leader and entrepreneur on the Southside came from a simple desire to provide for my family on a limited budget. Through couponing, I discovered effective strategies to save money and realized that many others were facing similar struggles. I felt compelled to share my knowledge and help others navigate their financial challenges by teaching them how to coupon.

As I was on this journey, I quickly realized that my impact extended beyond helping individuals save money; I was also supporting small business owners and aspiring women entrepreneurs. This realization fueled my passion even further, motivating me to expand my efforts and seek out opportunities to empower others.

One pivotal moment in my journey was forming a partnership with the San Antonio Express-News, which allowed me to elevate my couponing business and reach a wider audience. However, I soon recognized that there was a deeper need within the community for connection and support, especially among women in business.

This realization led to the creation of Women Unlimited, a platform dedicated to providing resources, networking opportunities, and professional development workshops to support women entrepreneurs on the Southside. Over the past two years, Women Unlimited has experienced tremendous growth, and I am proud to say that we have made a significant impact in the lives of our members.

What keeps me motivated to continue this work is witnessing the positive transformations and successes of our members. Whether it’s through podcast opportunities, business resources, or networking events, I am driven by the belief that together, we can empower women to achieve their goals and thrive in their businesses. As we continue to grow and evolve, I’m dedicated to supporting and uplifting women on the Southside and other communities.

Tell us more about the collaborations and partnerships you have fostered through your businesses.

Through Women Unlimited, I’ve partnered with programs like CPS Energy2Business, Ready To Work, and UTSA Department of Minority Business Development. Women Unlimited SA provides women from diverse backgrounds with the tools and support they need to succeed. My leadership has also fostered strategic collaborations with prestigious organizations like Frost Bank and Amegy Bank, as well as community partnerships with entities like Bexar County and the City of Kirby, further showcasing the organization’s commitment to creating opportunities for growth and development.

Through Saving Our Way, I have partnered with SA Express-News and the Houston Chronicle to offer free couponing classes to the San Antonio and Houston communities.

Looking to the future, what projects are you most excited about, and how do you believe they will benefit our city and its residents?

I am thrilled to announce that Women Unlimited International has officially obtained 501c3 status. This achievement marks a significant milestone for our organization, solidifying our commitment to empowering women worldwide. Through our educational programs, networking opportunities, and personal and professional development resources, we aim to make a lasting difference in the lives of women across the globe.

What do you believe makes Southside San Antonio unique compared to other parts of the city?

The Southside has long been underserved. As I reflect on my life, I’m filled with both emotion and excitement, witnessing the flourishing development taking place. I vividly recall driving down SW Military, where once there was little to see. Family-friendly spaces were scarce, but now, we’re blessed with parks where families can gather and connect with nature. No longer do we need to venture to distant parts of town for activities, business, or dining. Our own backyard is blossoming with new communities, and I’m committed to empowering women by providing resources and opportunities as our community thrives.

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Women Unlimited SA is having upcoming networking and community events that are open to the public for free:

  • Every first, second, and fourth Thursday, we hold our Empowering Connections Podcast and Networking event at WUSA HQ located at 8721 Botts Lane, SATX
  • Every third Thursday, we hold our Empowering Connections Podcast and Networking event at Amegy Bank located at 2334 SE Military Dr
  • SOS (Shout Out Saturday) Networking event every third Thursday at WUSA HQ located at 8721 Botts Lane, SATX
  • Credit Workshop, May 30
  • WUSA Proclamation Day, June 18 at Serenity Manor located in Helotes

For more information on the events above, you can check out our Facebook business page, our Facebook group, and or our Eventbrite.

Our Empowering Connections Podcast highlights local women entrepreneurs from all over town! Anyone can reach out to be on our show, just email us at

My website is dedicated to my late grandma, Olga Randall. My grandma is why I have succeeded in couponing, saving, and investing! She inspired me and gave me the confidence to keep going when things got tough. The family was informed that she had six months left. During her last months, she told me she wanted to wear lipliner, lipstick, and nail polish, so we both found a deal together for all of those items, and she used them every day till she passed.

Where can folks find out more?

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