VIDA brand references a rich San Antonio tradition

Art is prevalent across San Antonio, countless pieces placed in the public eye for all to see. While fascinating on display, art and design often can convey a deeper meaning. They can share messages either clearly or quietly, or add to the intrigue. A painting, song, sculpture can sometimes hide more than they reveal. When you look at the logo for VIDA, what do you see? What is on the surface and what is hiding behind the colorful pieces?

Colorful mosaic

The style of art in the VIDA logo is called “Mosaic” – a centuries-old treatment assembling varied, and often ‘broken’ pieces of glass, tile, or stone next to each other to form an image. Public mosaics can be found throughout San Antonio. One striking example that can easily be seen in downtown San Antonio is the nine story mosaic entitled, “The Spirit of Healing” on the side of the Santa Rosa Hospital. Artist Jesse Treviño’s angel watches over a healthy boy who holds in his hands, a glowing dove. It places many thoughts in the viewer’s head. That building is a place for children, it’s a safe haven for the sick, it’s a comforting image for patients and says “you are in good hands.”

The Spirit of Healing by Jesse Trevino at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital

“The Spirit of Healing” mosaic by Jess Trevino, on Christus Santa Rosa Hospital. Image courtesy of San Antonio Report.

San Antonio’s Hemisfair Park is a treasure trove of examples of mosaics, the use of mosaic designs are sprinkled all throughout the park area. A bench next to the jungle gym resembles a used paint holder with smears and collisions of all these colors in one spot, covered in a select few colors splattered in tiles. Or, Panther, created by local artist Oscar Alvarado, an oversized wild cat just waiting to pounce in the playground of Hemisfair Park. You can find the iconic, The Confluence of Civilizations mural by Juan O’Gorman on the exterior of Lila Cockrell Theatre. What was once destined for demolition, was given new life with the recent remodel of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.

More than an homage to a familiar art form, the VIDA mosaic represents the many influences that converge to create this dynamic master planned community adjacent to Texas A&M University – San Antonio. That elements from many cultures, influences ideas have inspired the collective that will be VIDA.  The logo also incorporates the familiar colors that represent and honor Mexican culture in festivals and the colorful “papal picado” banners you see strung across streets and alleys during celebrations.

VIDA San Antonio

So when you look at the VIDA logo, know that it represents the festive and exciting vibe the VIDA community is designed to bring and honors the many who inspired it.  This influence will be shared among the planned public art pieces across the A&M San Antonio campus community, the signage and design elements, and the vibrant events planned for the Zócalo.

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