Color of the Year 2023 Announced

Color of the Year 2023 Announced

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Many people don’t come across the phrase color of the year until after they’ve purchased a home and have started paint shopping for their first big remodeling project. With new residential projects revitalizing neighborhoods in many American cities, new homeowners are looking to customize their very own spaces for the first time — and a timely coat of paint in a trending hue is a great way to do it.

What Is the Color of the Year 2023?
Several different companies and groups announce their upcoming color of the year toward the end of each calendar year, so there is no simple definition of the term. Sometimes, however, the annual colors from different companies can work well together because they fall under overarching design trends — for example, natural tones are big right now. Other times, a company will approach its color of the year very differently from its competitors.

There are already more colors of the year for 2023 than we can list below, so use this as a starting point for inspiration.

Pantone Color of the Year 2023 – Viva Magenta
Headquartered in New Jersey, Pantone is well known in the industry for its proprietary Pantone Matching System, a tool to help designers come up with effective and attention-grabbing color palettes for any application. If someone refers to the color of the year without offering further clarification, there’s a good chance they’re talking about the Pantone offering.

For 2023, the experts at Pantone have unveiled the eye-catching and bold color Viva Magenta. This color will provide an organic vibrance, giving life to any space.

Historically, Pantone’s color of the year selections tend to be rather different from year to year and Viva Magenta is no exception. The color represents brightness and a connection to nature which the experts at Pantone felt best represented current lifestyle trends.

Benjamin Moore Color of the Year 2023 – Raspberry Blush
Benjamin Moore’s latest color of the year, Raspberry Blush, is as bold and exciting as anything you’ll find on this year’s list. In terms of the straight-up eye-catching wow factor, it is hard for competitors to rival Benjamin Moore’s vibrant, playful red. 

Raspberry Blush is a key component of Benjamin Moore’s Color Trends 2023 palette, which is designed to empower the use of statement colors, according to the company’s press release. Raspberry Blush is a strong, distinct color, yet it works well in all seasons and multiple applications, with nods to spring romance, summer fruit, fall foliage, and the lights and decorations of your favorite winter holidays.

Dunn-Edwards Color of the Year 2023 – Terra Rosa
Terra Rosa is one of many earthy, naturalistic colors that make this year’s list. This color’s charm lies in the compelling combination of rustic clay and playful pink. Terra Rosa rests easily between these two vibes, settling into a warm and alluring tone that is unique and interesting while also being inviting and inoffensive to milder tastes. Terra Rosa is one of the few paints we know that can simultaneously reach for “earthy” and “nostalgic”without suffering from it.

Behr Color of the Year 2023 – Blank Canvas
Behr is a leader in usable and durable paints for all parts of the home, and Blank Canvas lives up to its name. While some may find this an underwhelming choice for a color of the year reveal, real color aficionados understand that formulating a beautiful and infinitely functional off-white is a huge achievement. Blank Canvas can be effectively used anywhere you need a white, and it presents with a hint of soft creaminess that warms up any space.

Dutch Boy Color of the Year 2023 – Rustic Greige
While Greige may at first look like a French term, it’s just the words gray and beige mashed together, and Rustic Greige is indeed a mixture of those two muted colors. However, Rustic Greige puts the rust in rustic, by pulling in some really interesting red tones that save this color from the fact that it is gray and beige mixed together. It can be used anywhere and plays well with lots of palettes.

Glidden Color of the Year 2023 – Vining Ivy
Although the name is quite lush and descriptive, Glidden’s color of the year is one entry where you could argue that the name doesn’t quite live up to the color. When you hear vining ivy you’re sure to think of a lush green. And while Glidden’s Vining Ivy is indeed both lush and green, the real magic lies in the vibrant blue tones that round it out and make it something unique when compared to the thousands of other house paint colors named after green plants. Glidden’s press release describes it as both energizing and grounding and notes that it can be used very successfully alongside accents of well finished wood.

Krylon Color of the Year 2023 – Spanish Moss
Another color riding the trend of earthy nature tones comes to us from spray paint titan Krylon. Spanish Moss falls vaguely into the well-tread category of forest greens but there is nothing vague about Spanish Moss’s deep yet inviting vibes. Spanish Moss shines as one of those rare greens capable of sliding into many different palettes effectively, from warm summery looks and cooler blue-green schemes to earthy, neutral projects. Since it’s sold in a spray can, it is also infinitely versatile for detail work, furniture, and nontraditional applications.

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year 2023 – Redend Point
Sherwin-Williams’ subtle but interesting choice for 2023 can be best described as a hot take on beige. That’s a description that must be seen to be believed, which speaks volumes for this highly usable color and its ability to transcend the dreaded purgatory of beige house paints. It plays well with today’s trend of subdued, earthy tones — but it is somehow playfully pink at the same time. Redend Point reaches for similar spaces as Dutch Boy’s Rustic Greige and Dunn-Edward’s Terra Rosa, and it is interesting to see how each company filled the perceived niche for a color that is earthy while also bringing in hints of red or pink.

Unforgettable Paint Combinations in San Antonio
If you’re looking for a place where you can see how the colors of the year 2023 fit into your new home’s aesthetic, take a look at San Antonio’s beautiful residential communities. Many locations are accepting applications, so get in touch today.


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