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Live Vida San Antonio at Texas A&M

life is play-full at vida

THE MAD – Madla Greenway

The 35+ acre greenway will include trails, quiet open spaces and natural areas for fun, education and just kicking back.


Green Connections

Then travel from The MAD through the community by greenway trails. Explore this walkable, bikeable community with small parks and boulevards that make connecting within the community a breeze.



The Zócalo is the heart of VIDA.

Directly across Jaguar Parkway from Texas A&M University - San Antonio, the Zócalo combines shops, dining and events spaces with the activities and gatherings that give a community life.  

The green at its center will be home to gatherings, classes, movies, and events. From casual food truck evenings to morning yoga classes and all elements in between.

After all, life is for celebrating. And VIDA is life.