The Zócalo is coming to VIDA. But what is a Zócalo?

All around the world, town squares are considered the centerpiece of a city. Times Square in New York City, Red Square in Moscow, St. Peter’s square in Vatican City and Plaza Catalunya in Barcelona. Closer to home is San Antonio’s Alamo Plaza – decadent in location, the culture that floods the Alamo Plaza dates back to the battle of the Alamo 186 years ago. Alamo Plaza is not only rich with history, but has grown to become a highlight for tourists and locals alike.  Perhaps one of the more famed international central hubs is a zócalo. But what IS a zócalo?

The Zócalo is coming to VIDA. But what is a Zócalo?

Mexico City’s famed Zócalo is the hub of celebrations. Photo by Genaro Servín from Pexels.

In Mexican culture, a “Zócalo,” is a public square. It is a place for gathering, celebrating joyous occasions, invigorating recreational activities, stunning art exhibitions, and religious events. Mexico City’s famed Zócalo is the location where history and culture converge with the present day. Where markets and festivals join informal gatherings – where life is on display for all to see and all to participate in.

Construction Begins at VIDA

Sketch of VIDA’s planned Zócalo at the intersection of Jaguar Parkway and University Way.

 The developers at VIDA are underway planning the new master planned community’s Zócalo, designed to be that central hub of culture, activity and gathering.  VIDA’s Zócalo is a plaza that will seamlessly connect Texas A&M University – San Antonio and the VIDA community, surrounded by shops, restaurants and retail. Just like being in the crowd of people downtown during Fiesta, everyone is there for one thing – to have a good time. From markets and festivals, to a quick coffee stop between classes or an open mic night – anything can happen at the Zócalo.

Designed with the teams at Overland Partners and TBG Partners, VIDA’s Zócalo’s will be a welcoming spot for students and staff, residents, retailers and the public. From regional events to quiet afternoons, the Zócalo will be a hub of energy for the Southside community. The Zócalo will be surrounded by a variety of places to eat and drink, with no shortage of entertainment to keep the community engaged and active. Guests to the Zócalo will also discover public and informal gathering spaces, programmed events and casual meeting spots. It will serve as an extension of the beautiful greenways and spaces that students at Texas A&M – San Antonio currently enjoy, and provide safe pedestrian access to the shops and restaurants in VIDA. Even if you just want to sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery, the Zócalo will be the place to be.

Design of the Zócalo at VIDA  is currently underway. Visit for updates on the Zocalo, retail updates and new homes and apartments coming to VIDA.

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